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High Quality Branded Generic Medicines

BioMed Pharma Inc. started during the latter part of 2009 and concentrated on having its generic medicines registered and approved by the then Bureau of Food and Drugs (now called Food and Drugs Administration).  It is centrally located at the heart of bustling Manila, at Suite 711, Marbella 2 Bldg, 2027, Roxas Boulevard, Malate, Manila 2071, Philippines. 

BioMed’s official mandate is the importation, distribution and wholesale of quality and affordable generic medicines. 

BioMed Pharma is strongly supported by Delta Pharma Limited, the manufacturer of its line up of quality generics medicines.  The highly enthusiastic team of BioMed Pharma consist of well experienced Technical and Marketing professionals having a wide range of Managerial capability in Pharma sector.

The manufacturing of the branded generic medicines of Biomed Pharma occurs at Kishoreganj, Bangladesh using state-of-the-art technology & equipments, ably  manned by qualified quality assurance and control personnel, and using raw materials from highly reputed national and international suppliers thereby ensuring compliance to the guidelines of WHO Good Manufacturing Practices and of the Drug Administration Authority.   

Today, BioMed Pharma have thirty seven (37) branded generic medicines duly approved by FDA Philippines and with Certificates of Product Registration (CPR), all of which are already available for distribution.

BioMed continues with the process to have other quality medicines approved by the Food and Drugs Administration. 


BioMed Pharma stands by its two-pronged commitment of importation of “high quality branded generic medicines at affordable prices”.  To embody this commitment to quality, BioMed have adopted the slogan “De Kalidad na Gamot, sa Presyong Abot na Abot”.

BioMed Pharma continues to look for dynamic people, organizations and companies who will join its growing network of distributors and wholesalers.  To date, BioMed medicines are now present in five regions.

To further increase awareness of its quality line of branded generic medicines, BioMed Pharma also  joins selected high impact events around the country.

BioMed is open to working with government and private organizations to bring in other high quality medicines into the country (duly approved by FDA) to answer the increasing demand for both affordable and quality medicines.  It continues to look for possible distributors / wholesalers in other regions not covered by its present network of distributors and wholesalers.

BIOMED’s niche is the branded generic segment which is known for its comparable quality with originator brands but with affordable generic prices.  The generic drug market is still an under-served market segment of the Philippine pharma market; hence, it  presents concrete and realistic opportunities for Distributors and Wholesalers to penetrate and  capture significant business opportunities in areas where they operate.  Quality and profitability are assured with Biomed products.

The increase in the number of distributors and wholesalers will also lead to the Biomed brand becoming known in the pharmaceutical industry and lead to getting a market share of the generic medicine market for Biomed, and to grow / expand  its market to include other products, like vials and injectables, in the future.